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ZEEMRAH ENERGY is into the Manufacturing & Sales of LED Lighting for all Applications like Indoor, Outdoor, Commercial, Industrial, Residential (under the brand name Imagine LED) and System Integrator for Solar Power Plant (On-Grid & Off-Grid), Solar Water Heater, Solar Street Light and Solar Water Pump for both Domestic & Industrial Purpose. Our organization focus on Conserving Energy & Producing more of Green Energy without disturbing current atmosphere of Work & Living. We believe more the Energy is Conserved and Produced, the more the Energy is available to supply to the demand, in Rural Areas. Our mission is to provide our customers with good quality and long-lasting products that will soothe our customers in their day-to-day life. We aim to provide services that exceed customer expectations resulting in end customer delight. Solar Power Plant In Chennai, Solar Street Light In Chennai , Solar Water Heater In Chennai, Solar Water Pump In Chennai ,Led Street Light in Chennai, Led Tube light In Chennai, Led Panel Light In Chennai, Led Indoor Lighting In Chennai ,Led Outdoor Lighting In Chennai ,Led Industrial Lighting In Chennai , Led Office Lighting In Chennai , Led Garden Lighting , Led Under Water Light , Led In Ground Burial Lighting, Led Lights Manufactures In Peters Road, ,Solar Panels , Solar Energy , Solar Power, Solar, Renewable Energy , Solar Cell ,Solar power system , Alternative Energy , Solar Energy Facts , Alternative Energy Sources, Solar Water Heater, What is Solar Energy , Renewable Energy Sources, solar electricity ,What is Renewable Energy , Solar Power Generation, Solar Power for Homes , Solar Panels for Homes , Solar Inverter, Solar Module, Solar Energy Information ,Solar Generator , Solar Plant , Solar Power Station ,Photovoltaic ,Solar Energy System ,Led, Led lights,Led Strip Lights ,Led Light Bar ,Led Downlights , Led Light Strips , Led Spotlights , Led Grow Lights , Led Strip , Led, Led Flood Lights , Led Tube Light, Led Tube ,Led Bar ,Dimmable Led , Led Light Fixtures, rgb Led, Strip Lights ,Led Wall Lights, Led Shop Lights , Mr16 led ,Small Led Lights, Light Led, LED Downlight, Commercial LED Downlight , LED Panel Light, LED Downlights, LED Panel, Industrial LED Panel, LED Panel Lights, LED Consealed Panel,LED QR 111 Downlight , LED COB Downlights ,LED COB Spot Light , LED COB Downlight Light , LED COB Downlight , LED COB Concealed Light ,LED COB Consealed Light , LED COB Zoom Light ,LED COB Zoom Downlight, LED Recessed Zoom Downlight , LED Tube Light 18 W, LED Spot Light ,LED Surface Panel ,LED Cob Track Lights, LED Track Light, LED Cob Track Light Made, Track Light, LED Track Lights, Track Light Accessories, Halogen Track Lights, Halogen Spot Light, Track Lighting Fixture, Par Track Lights, Track Lights,LED Strip Light,LED Star Light, Star Ceiling LED Light, LED Cob Downlight, LED Module - 5W And 10W, LED Cob Zoom, LED Track Light,LED Under Water Light,Cinema Step Light,LED Drivers and Controllers, LED Recessed Spot Light, LED Bar, 18 W LED PLL Replacement For 36W PLL, LED Tube, Halogen Light Fixture, LED Surface Spot Light, LED Under Water Pool Light, Wardrobe Light, LED Hanger Rod,LED Surface Light, LED Panel Light, LED Panel Light, LED Modules, LED Panel Lights, LED Spot Light, LED Light, LED Spotlight,LED Cabinet Light, LED Module Light, LED COB Light, LED Recessed Spotlight, LED Recessed Downlights, LED Lamps, LED Downlights, LED Driver, LED Light Panel, Commercial Lights, LED Recessed Downlight, LED Box Type Light, LED Compatible Mr-16 conceals, Halogen Light Fixture, Halogen Concealed Lights, Commercial Lights, Halogen Light Fixture Kitchen, Deep Recessed MR16 Lights, Halogen Steam Room Light, Halogen Cabinate Lights.

  • 66/238, 1st floor, Peters Road, Royapettah, - 600014.
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